Course Information

Marathon & Team Relay
Starts at Town Beach, Port Macquarie
Half Marathon
Starts at Lake Cathie Beach (South of Bridge)
10km Dash
Starts at Camden Haven Surf Life Saving Club, North Haven (beach start)
5km Fun Run
Starts at Laurie St, Laurieton (near swimming pool)
Start to 8kmCoastal Trails and Minor Sections of Beach
8km to 10kmBeach
10km to 12.5kmTrails
12.5km to 19.5kmBeach
19.5km to 21.1kmSingle Trail & Coastal Paths
21.1km to 26kmStart to 4.9kmBeach
26km to 32.1km4.9km to 11kmTrails
32.1km to 38.5km11km to 17.4kmStart to 6.3kmStart to 1.3kmCoastal Pathways and Minor Trails
38.5km to 42.2km17.4km to 21.1km6.3km to 10km1.3km to 5kmNorth Brother Mountain Trails

Specific Information – Team Relay Marathon

The Enriched Health Care Team Relay Marathon provides an opportunity for a minimum of 2 (two) and a maximum of 4 (four) team members to participate in the event.  Each person must be 17 (seventeen) or over on the day of the event.  Each person must run at least 1 (one) leg of the event.  Runners must decide prior to the event which order they will run.  Runners can run more than 1 (one) leg of the event consecutively. There are opportunities to swap at 5 (five) checkpoints, approximately 8km, 12km, 21km, 32km and 37km.  Only 1 (one) person can complete any leg of the event at any one time, including the final stage up North Brother Mountain.

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Beach to Brother Competitor Map