Refunds and Cancellation Policy

If, after gaining a confirmed entry for the race, a runner finds that he/she is not able to start for whatever reason (including injury) then they are able to cancel their entry based upon the below guidelines:


All entrants who wish to cancel their entry will receive the refund as a percentage based discount off the following years Event.  This discount applies only if competitors have cancelled their entry by midnight on the dates specified:

  • Monday 31st July

    50% of entry fee

  • Monday 4th September

    25% of entry fee

    No discount based refunds apply after this date.

All cancellations are based upon the following rules

  • Instead of a refund, the remaining % will be applied as a % discount off the entry fee for the race in the following year
  • Any donations made to SLSC as part of entry process will not be refunded if an entry is cancelled
  • Any merchandise ordered as part of a cancelled entry will not be refunded, but posted out
  • Entries cancelled after midnight Monday 4th September will be considered and treated as a DNS (Did Not Start)
  • DNS, DNF (Did Not Finish) or Disqualified Entrants are not eligible for the above cancellation benefits or any prizes
  • To cancel an entry please send an email to where the cancellation will be processed