Aid Stations

The following information provides an overview of what will be supplied at aid stations along the course, and their approximate distances.  Aid stations are limited on the course; therefore, it is compulsory that all runners in the marathon, team-relay and half marathon events carry either a bottle or hydration pack with the ability to carry a minimum of 500ml of fluids.  On course checks will take place; individuals identified as not carrying the 500ml of fluids may be disqualified.

For 2021 the race day fluids available will include supplies from our sponsor Hammer Nutrition, and water. November can get quite hot and humid in the Port Macquarie region; therefore, carbohydrate free electrolytes will be provided as the main fluid source on the course.  This will be in the form of Hammer Nutrition Fizz in various flavours (TBA).

In addition to the on-course nutrition, it is strongly advised that runners have a race plan prepared.  If you feel you have a need for a specific brand/flavour/strength of sports nutrition then plan to be self-sufficient to satisfy these needs while also knowing what is available in general along the course to draw upon or supplement as needed.

Each aid-station will have the following: