Finish Line Logistics

All runners and spectators should carefully read the following information.

The dramatic ascent to the finish line at North Brother Mountain makes for a spectacular finish-line experience.  Both runners and spectators are able to enjoy relaxing at the iconic finish line and enjoy the spectacular view from atop the mountain.  There is only one narrow and steep-winding road (for 5 kilometers) and very limited parking on top of the mountain.  Please Note: FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL PERSONS AT THE FINISH LINE THIS ROAD (Captain Cook Bicentennial Drive) IS CLOSED DURING THE EVENT.

Getting people out of Dooragan National Park (North Brother Mountain), safely and in a timely manner, presents a very significant safety and logistical challenge.  As there is very limited parking space atop North Brother Mountain, and given the narrow and steep-winding road that provides access in and out, we encourage people using the road to walk against the traffic at all times, and consider using the courtesy shuttle-bus.

A courtesy shuttle-bus will be provided for competitors, spectators, and general users of the park.  Coaches will be provided to return competitors and spectators from Dooragan National Park back to all start locations.  NOTE: there is a cost associated with using the coach, and tickets are required to be purchased in the event entry portal or at event registration.